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If you are not already a paid CFBRAA member I want to encourage you to become one. Our association is doing good things and helping out many with special needs and scholarships. We aren't doing as much as we would like to do and not
as much as one would expect, especially if you or someone you are close to are in need of financial help. We are limited by the funds we have available, so what we can do is modest compared to the needs.

Here is what we were able to accomplish this year with less than 300 paid members:

  1. Helped 15 families in crisis situations, providing medical help, housing, utilities, clothing, etc. You provided nearly $11K in crisis support to families.
  2. Helped 9 alumni families send their children to college, providing $6K in scholarship assistance.
  3. Helped scores of new alumni with transportation, providing $4K for vehicle maintenance and fuel for the Alumni Support Center.
  4. Provided $500 to the residents of the Alumni Support Center to help with Christmas presents for their families.
  5. Provided $500 to the homes at BR as awards for the Christmas Contest winners.

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