2015 Vereran's Memorial Dedication

Mr. Adams, Mr. & Mrs Harriman, Mr Rogers, Distinguished Guests, Ladies and

Good afternoon. I am Jerry Nicholson. I was a resident at Boys Ranch from 1959-1965.
I was in the Marine Corps 1966-1970. I was a member of the California Army National
Guard and United States Army Reserves from 1975 until I retired in 2001.

Welcome to today’s Veteran’s Memorial Dedication ceremony and thank you for
attending. I’m honored to be speaking with you today on such an important occasion.
We’re here today to honor our service members and to remember their sacrifices and
courage to defend our freedoms.

Today we honor our heroes, their achievements, their courage and their dedication, and
say thank you for their sacrifices. Some of the heroes join us in this group today and some
are only here in spirit.

I’d like to ask the service members and veterans who are here to please stand.
Thank you for your service and welcome home. You have made our United States armed
forces the strongest and most respected in the world.

The service members we honor today with this dedication came from many different life
circumstances. Yet they shared many qualities. They possessed courage, pride,
determination, selflessness, dedication to duty, integrity, moral values, and a never quit
mentality. They also shared a common background of being raised at Cal Farley’s Boys
Ranch, where those qualities are instilled and reinforced daily.

Many men and women who grew up or were on staff at Boys Ranch were are among
those Americans have fought to defend our freedoms and way of life. Some have paid
the ultimate sacrifice in this defense. We have had staff and ranchers who have served in
WW1, WW2, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as other smaller battles. Mr
Farley is a US Army veteran of WW1, Alvis Grant, one of the first boys at Boys Ranch in
1939, is a Marine veteran of WW2.

Today we want to honor our Boys Ranch veterans with the Veteran’s Tiles on this wall
and to memorialize our fallen brothers with the Veteran’s Memorial Monument. We can
not properly honor our veterans without a special recognition for those who gave the
ultimate sacrifice. On the Memorial are inscribed the names of our fallen Boys Ranch

Vietnam War
Larry Dean Warren
BR 1962-1965
Tour in RVN December 15, 1967
KIA April 16, 1968
Medic Airborne Qualified

Charles Quinten Polk
BR 1963-1968
Tour in RVN July 16, 1969
Wounded in action November 25, 1969
Died San Diego Ca December 17, 1969

Iraq War
Raphael “T.J.” Carrillo
BR 1997-2002
Spc US Army
HHC 1-64 Battalion, 2nd Brigade Team, 3rd Infantry Division, Mortar Platoon
M1114 Armored Humvee Gunner 2ND Tour
Airborne Qualified
KIA June 28, 2005

Your presence here today is a tribute to our Boys Ranch Veterans and Veterans
everywhere. It is our way to say thank you for your service and we remember and honor
them all.

Thank you for attending today. God bless you and your families, God bless our troops and
God bless America.

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