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If you are not already a paid CFBRAA member I want to encourage you to become one. Our association is doing good things and helping with special needs and scholarships. We aren't doing as much as we would like to do and not as much as one would expect, especially if you or someone you are close to are in need of help. We are limited by the funds we have available, so what we can do is modest compared to the needs.

We also need your help running the association.  We have 50 members serving on the various committees that function to do the work of the Association.  Help us help our brothers and sisters. 

Here is what we were able to accomplish: (excerpt from CFBRAA Annual Report 2015)

... Cal Farley’s Alumni              
If you start with the people served by the Alumni Association you include all
alumni of Boys Ranch and Girlstown.  No one knows how many people that includes. 
Over the past 75 years there have been over 10,000 who called BR or GT home.  This
does not include the hundreds who have served as staff at the Ranch.  Some of these
former Ranchers lived their entire childhood at BR.  Since we also serve the family
members of alumni the number of “alumni” we serve is in the tens of thousands.  We
don’t know where they all are or how many are even alive.  One of the objectives of the
Association is finding and staying in touch with former Cal Farley’s residents.  We
currently have nearly 1,900 in our database.
It should be noted that the Association has over 1,100 friends on their facebook
pages.  Interestingly, we have contact information on only about a third of them and
fewer than 10 % are actually members of the Association.  However the facebook
connection does provide a means of at least communicating with more of the alumni
family as a whole.

... Alumni Support Center Residents
The Association provides regular support for the residents of the Alumni
Support Center, usually recent graduates of Boys Ranch who are just getting started. 
There are up to 33 residents there most of the time, with a waiting list.  The Association
provides assistance with transportation, washers and dryers and Christmas.

... Association Members
The actual members of the Alumni Association are those who have committed
at least a $20 dues payment each year.  At this writing there are 157 annual members and
47 lifetime members.  These numbers have stayed pretty much the same over the past 5
years.  This fraction of the whole is the body that does all of the support and work of the
... Legacy Partners
 Eighty-Four people are currently identified as Founding Legacy Partners.  This
includes all who have at least $1,000 in the first five years of the Legacy Partners
program.  Those who give through September 10th  can still be included in the list.
Legacy Partners are the true lifeblood of the long term success of CFBRAA. 
Those who contribute at least $20 a month make up the financial foundation of the
Association which is essential to helping the thousands we are here to serve.  We
currently have 18 alumni who contribute monthly, via PayPal, electronic draft or writing
a check each month.

... Organization Workers
There are about 50 alumni who serve on the various committees that function to
do the work of the Association.  These men and women help administer scholarships,
provide crisis support, manage the finances, communicate with members, and plan and
conduct the Annual meeting. 

... Board of Directors
The 15 member Board of Directors administers and conducts the business of the
Alumni Association throughout the year.  The Board met 10 times during the year,
generally via conference call, and conducted the business that allows the Association to
fulfill its functions
The people of this organization are those who serve and those who are served. 
No one in the Association serves for personal gain or benefit.  Cal Farley did not start BR
for personal gain.  We carry on his work; helping those who need the help of a family.

Help us do a better job providing our CFBRAA family with crisis support and scholarship grants.  If you donate to a charity through a payroll deduction, check with your payroll personnel about designating CFBRAA as the recipient of your contribution. 

We Need You!
Stay Connected-Stay Involved!

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Veterans Memorial Wall
Dedication was Veteran's Day 2015
Veterans Memorial Dedication Photos

Former residents of Cal Farley's Boys Ranch or Girlstown, including those who served at Cal Farley's Inc., and who are veterans of the United States Armed Forces qualify to have a tile included on the Veterans Memorial Wall.

Forms for including someone on the Veterans Memorial Wall or for making a contribution to the Veterans Memorial are available by printing the Veterans Memorial Wall form (click here) and sending it, along with your contribution, to CFBRAA Veterans Memorial - PO Box 9435 - Amarillo, TX  79105.

Reunion and Gathering Photos
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You may submit your photos to be loaded into the albums. 
Please identify people and label the photo with date and location when known.
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Annual Reunion
Jerry Nicholson Pics

Annual Reunion
Jerry Nicholson Pics

Annual Reunion
Jerry Nicholson Pics


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